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David Rhodus sdrhodus at
Thu Feb 17 10:28:14 PST 2005

On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 18:15:30 +0000, Hiten Pandya <hmp at xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Erik P. Skaalerud wrote:
> > Can discussions like this please be moved to a different list, like
> > kernel@?
> >
> > I'm not sure if this is the equalent policy of other projects lists, but
> > I like to have commit messages in the commit list, not the
> > replies/discussions.
> >
> > - Erik
>         Agreed.  We should follow such policy of moving auxillary
>         discussions onto either kernel@ or users@ depending on the
>         issue at hand. ;)
>             Hiten

Blah, there is no reason to start getting picky about what list an
email is sent to.  This was a talk about the commit mail itself
anyway.  There is never a reason things start getting so picky that
topic A needs to be sent to list-1 and topic B needs to be list-2.  I
don't have the time to follow what list I can talk about what on, e.g.
this discussion was related to this exact message thread and I don't a
reason that I should have to go into my email and change the list on
which the message is being sent to.

                                            Steven David Rhodus
                                            <drhodus at xxxxxxxxxxx>

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