cvs commit: doc/share/images/books/handbook/install adduser1.scr adduser2.scr adduser3.scr boot-mgr.scr console-saver1.scr console-saver2.scr console-saver3.scr console-saver4.scr desktop.scr disklabel-auto.scr disklabel-ed1.scr disklabel-ed2.scr ...

Justin C. Sherrill justin at
Thu Jul 8 19:01:02 PDT 2004

"Justin C. Sherrill" <justin at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in
news:200407090137.i691b8BK030268 at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: 

>   Log:
>   Adding needed graphic files for the converted handbook, which I
>   managed to miss before.

This, incidentally, seems to let /doc/en/books/handbook build again. 

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