cvs commit: src/release/sysinstall install.c nfs.c options.c sysinstall.h

Hiten Pandya hmp at
Sat Oct 18 13:14:28 PDT 2003

hmp         2003/10/18 13:12:26 PDT

  Modified files:
    release/sysinstall   install.c nfs.c options.c sysinstall.h 
  Update sysinstall's NFS module:
  	* Add ability to select NFSv3 version (default)
  	* Add ability to use TCP as protocol.  TCP is
  	  not made default to retain automatic compatiblity
  	  with a wider range of NFS servers.
  	* Fix argument processing in mediaInitNFS(), variable_get()
  	  cannot be used in a conditional statement because it returns
  	  a "char *" string; instead, use variable_cmp().
  	* Update I/O block sizes in the case when NFS_SLOW is not
  	  set to "YES".  Previously, the NFS_SLOW case had a bigger
  	  block size than the fast case which defaulted to 512b,
  	  whereas the former was 1024.  The new block size used is
  	  4096, which is reasonable for the lowest of connection
  Reviewed by:	dillon, drhodus
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.4       +2 -0      src/release/sysinstall/install.c
  1.3       +8 -4      src/release/sysinstall/nfs.c
  1.3       +5 -1      src/release/sysinstall/options.c
  1.3       +3 -1      src/release/sysinstall/sysinstall.h

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