[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #3311] TrueCrypt support may cause kernel crash

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Fri Mar 3 16:21:59 PST 2023

Задача #3311 була оновлена liweitianux.

Hi, I followed your steps but I couldn't reproduce the panic...

I was testing in a VirtualBox VM.  I added another disk to create the encrypted swap for the test.
My steps are as follows:

sudo kldload dm
sudo kldload dm_target_crypt
sudo gpt create da1
sudo gpt add -t swap da1
sudo tcplay -c -d /dev/da1s0 -z -b SERPENT-256-XTS -x RIPEMD160-VC
sudo tcplay -m test -d /dev/da1s0
sudo swapoff /dev/da0s1b
sudo swapon /dev/mapper/test
firefox &

I reduced the VM RAM to 512MB, so after starting FireFox the swap usage was ~700-900MB.
I browsed some pages and left the browser there for ~3 days.  All worked well, no panic.

So I don't know yet what triggered the panic.

Nevertheless, the panic was cleared triggered by the AES code due to an invalid ioctl(/dev/crypto), which should be avoided.
I'll work on a fix to prevent ioctl() to simply panic the system.


Bug #3311: TrueCrypt support may cause kernel crash

* Автор: arcade at b1t.name
* Статус: New
* Пріоритет: Low
* Категорія: Crypto
* Версія: 6.4
* Початок: 2022-01-30
When working on tcplay:hammer2 device kernel can crash. Screenshots attached...

IMG_20220129_093359.jpg (3.19 МБ)
IMG_20220129_093321.jpg (3.67 МБ)
IMG_20220130_111602.jpg (3.4 МБ)
IMG_20220429_152146.jpg (2.49 МБ)

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