[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #3336] (New) CAM probe removes boot device

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Sun Jan 15 13:02:38 PST 2023

Issue #3336 has been reported by aswell.

Bug #3336: CAM probe removes boot device

* Author: aswell
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
* Target version: 6.6
* Start date: 2023-01-15
Attempting to install DragonFly from USB mounted ISO, via an IP-KVM provided by a dedicated server provider. After kernel loads, installer fails looking for rootvp:
<pre><code class="shell">
CAM: Configuring 8 busses
(probe9:umass-sim1:1:0:0): inquiry data fails comparison at DV1 step
CAM: finished configuring all busses
Device Mapper version 4.16.0 loaded
dm_target_error: Successfully initialized
dm_target_zero: Successfully initialized
(cd8:umass-sim1:1:0:0): got CAM status 0x44
(cd8:umass-sim1:1:0:0): fatal error, failed to attach to device
(cd8:umass-sim1:1:0:0): lost device
(cd8:umass-sim1:1:0:0): removing device entry 
iso_mountroot: can't find rootvp
Root mount failed: 6
Mounting root from cd9660:cd8
no disk named 'cd8'
Mounting root from cd9660:cd9
no disc named 'cd9'
Mounting root from cd9660:/dev/cd0
no disk named 'cd0'

Manual root filesystem specification:

<fstype>:<device> Specify root (e.g. ufs:da0s1a)
?     List valid disk boot devices 
The ISO booted via /dev/cd8, but a CAM probe failed for some reason, which then removed cd8, causing the installation to fail.

Finishing the installation using alternate means, filing this report for future reference, in case there is an easy fix...

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