[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #3141] (Closed) dhclient blocks boot process

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The report is old and the original issue has been resolved, dhclient is not blocking the boot process for @rowo since 5.0.2.

The rest of the issue looks like something specific to the network in which the machine lives and would need another ticket if the issue still occurs while running the latest release available.

Bug #3141: dhclient blocks boot process

* Autor: rowo
* Status: Closed
* Priorität: Normal
* Kategorie: Networking
* Zielversion: 6.4
* Beginn: 2018-06-28
I have installed dfly-x86_64-5.2.1_REL.img from a USB stick and the installation went well. I chose DHCP for automatic config of the LAN card. When I boot Dragonfly, the boot process starts dhclient for er0 but then nothing else happens. It seem that dhclient is blocking the further boot process and thus no login is possible. The message "er0: watchdog timeout" occurs several times. The system still works, I can reboot using Ctrl+Alt+Del.

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