[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #3266] Filesystems broken due to "KKASSERT(count & TOK_COUNTMASK);"

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Mon Mar 15 10:39:05 PDT 2021

Issue #3266 has been updated by dillon.

What is needed is a kernel core to determine which call stack is misbehaving.  It is possible that the mismatch is incured at a deeper level that has already returned back up the stack, so it can sometimes be difficult to locate.  But any sort of mismatch is critical and needs to be found and fixed.


Bug #3266: Filesystems broken due to "KKASSERT(count & TOK_COUNTMASK);"

* Author: tkusumi
* Status: New
* Priority: High
* Assignee: 
* Category: 
* Target version: 
Many fs including HAMMER2 are broken due to this assert failure.
Confirmed the panic with HAMMER2 and ext2.
It didn't happen a few months ago.

433 static __inline
434 void
435 _lwkt_reltokref(lwkt_tokref_t ref, thread_t td)
436 {
454                 /*
455                  * We are a shared holder
456                  */
457                 count = atomic_fetchadd_long(&tok->t_count, -TOK_INCR);
458                 KKASSERT(count & TOK_COUNTMASK);        /* count prior */    <-----------
459         }
460 }

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