[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #3251] (Resolved) file ctime not updated as documented on chmod(), link()

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Thu Feb 18 03:41:46 PST 2021

Issue #3251 has been updated by deef.

Due date changed from 12/22/2020 to 02/18/2021
Status changed from In Progress to Resolved
% Done changed from 50 to 100

Also chmod() should now behave POSIXly :), for both hammer (commit cf4606c+ on master, 11e11aa+ on RELEASE_5_8) and hammer2 (787d144+ on master, d96b57b+ on RELEASE_5_8).

Bug #3251: file ctime not updated as documented on chmod(), link()

* Author: tonyc
* Status: Resolved
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: 
* Category: VFS subsystem
* Target version: 
The stat(2) man page claims:

     st_ctim       Time when file status was last changed (inode data
                   modification).  Changed by the chmod(2), chown(2), link(2),
                   mknod(2), rename(2), unlink(2), utimes(2) and write(2)
                   system calls.

but neither link() nor chmod() update ctim.tv_sec:

  $ pwd
  $ cc -olink_ctime link_ctime.c
  $ ./link_ctime
  FAIL: chmod didn't update ctime
  FAIL: link didn't update ctime
  $ mount
  serno/VB6e53d937-50b8dc58.s1d on / (hammer2, local)
  devfs on /dev (devfs, nosymfollow, local)
  /dev/serno/VB6e53d937-50b8dc58.s1a on /boot (ufs, local)
  /build/usr.obj on /usr/obj (null)
  /build/var.crash on /var/crash (null)
  /build/var.cache on /var/cache (null)
  /build/var.spool on /var/spool (null)
  /build/var.log on /var/log (null)
  /build/var.tmp on /var/tmp (null)
  tmpfs on /tmp (tmpfs, local)
  procfs on /proc (procfs, local)
  tmpfs on /var/run/shm (tmpfs, local)
  $ uname -a
  DragonFly  5.8-RELEASE DragonFly v5.8.3-RELEASE #10: Thu Sep 24 19:19:45 EDT 2020     root at www.shiningsilence.com:/usr/obj/home/justin/release/5_8/sys/X86_64_GENERIC  x86_64

link_ctime.c is attached.

link_ctime.c (1.12 KB)

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