[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #3205] Go compiler net test failing

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Wed Sep 18 07:34:15 PDT 2019

Issue #3205 has been updated by t_dfbsd.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Install go compiler from dports
2. git clone https://go.googlesource.com/go
3. cd go/src
4. ./make.bash
5. ../bin/go test -count 1 net

Bug #3205: Go compiler net test failing

* Author: t_dfbsd
* Status: In Progress
* Priority: High
* Assignee: tuxillo
* Category: 
* Target version: 
A recent commit appears to have broken the net test for the Go compiler:

This was working on commit be02f354 and started failing when I upgraded to b7d3e1.

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