[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #3047] HAMMER critical write error

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Bug #3047: HAMMER critical write error

* Author: samuel
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: 
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* Target version: 
Sorry for a very poor bug report

I reloaded i3wm, but it didn't come back up, after some minutes the gui went down with a HAMMER critical bulk write error, then ahci kept trying to find a safe slot, and not getting it.  I could get the tty logins, but logging in didn't give me shell access -- I could simply type stuff on the screen.  A reboot brought me to the grub loader, then not knowing any better, I simply entered 'reboot'.  The reboot from that lost dragonfly as a grub entry

I've not lost any critical data as it is backed up, but I have lost the customizations to my first ever bsd install :).  I'd spent time learning, and getting everything as I wanted.  Is there a way I could get those back?  But probably I should just start again

It was a stripped back kernel compiled from git source sometime after the 4.8 release (maybe 3 weeks ago).  I've not had any other crashes or issues

Since this, I tried running update-grub and boot-repair from linux which wiped out the old grub...

I'm really happy otherwise.  Thanks for creating a great system

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