[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #3167] UEFI boot hangs right after initializing UEFI framebuffer

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Fri Jan 25 20:13:08 PST 2019

Issue #3167 has been updated by shassard.

I've tried this patch on my Lenovo Yoga 920 that previous was unable to get past the loader initial screen.

It now boots perfectly and I'm able to fire up Xorg without issues.

Bug #3167: UEFI boot hangs right after initializing UEFI framebuffer

* Author: mneumann
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
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* Target version: master
This happens on a recent Tuxedo laptop. See attached screenshot.

I have come up with a working (but hacky) patch:


After patching, if I set loader tunable sc.probe_early=1 then it correctly boots.

IMG_20181126_181023.jpg (1.34 MB)

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