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Issue #3168 has been updated by iang.

Hi Aaron,

I wasn’t aware I could edit it - I didn’t think a numpty like me would be allowed ;)

Done now, kept it short and sweet.


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> The DragonFly site (and the handbook) is a wiki.  So you can just create an account and update the documentation.

Bug #3168: Documentation

* Author: iang
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* Priority: Normal
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* Category: Documentation
* Target version: master
I'm not an advanced nix user and I think an addition is required on this page in the handbook:


The section "Adding disks" covers setting up the slices, however it does not mention having to use newfs (or newfs_hammer in my case) to finally have the disk ready for use.

I'd suggest just adding a one liner to the effect of - to finalise/format your disk you must use newfs and offer an example or link to the documentation.

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