[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #3101] PFI CGI install not working in dragonflybsd 5.0.1 USB install

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Issue #3101 has been updated by ddegroot.

the installer (formerly bsdinstaller) used to support installation via cgi. But has been removed quite some time ago (around 2009). It would not be possible to put it back in, but nobody seemed to use it. The /etc/rc.d/pfi script should however need to reflect this as well, so that people don't get the wrong impressions (in that it should work).
There is a rather small change that can be made, to be able to use the installer front-end from a remote computer (will create a patch later today and link it to this issue report). This would however require you to rebuild the img/iso file or wait until the next release.

Bug #3101: PFI CGI install not working in dragonflybsd 5.0.1 USB install

* Author: bnegre82
* Status: New
* Priority: Low
* Assignee: 
* Category: Build
* Target version: 5.0.0
I tried to install dragonflybsd on a PCengines APU2 with the CGI installer interface. I have to do this because there is just a serial console and normal installer don't work.
I added a pfi.conf file in /etc/pfi.conf to the image, but no web interface comes.
It failed because /usr/local/sbin/thttpd_wrapper  is not on the USB install image (dfly-x86_64-5.0.1_REL.img.bz2)

The webserver is called by the pfi service at startup (etc/rc.d/pfi) line 203
	if [ "X$pfi_frontend" = "Xcgi" ]; then
		echo "Starting thttpd..."
		/usr/local/sbin/thttpd_wrapper &

Can you fix this for the next release ?
How can I add the web server to the install image ?


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