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Issue #3165 has been updated by gop.

justin wrote:
> Try a different port - I've seen systems where a few of the USB ports are on a different controller, internally, and they aren't available to the system during bootup... so the BIOS finds them fine but they aren't visible as the operating system tries to start.  Usually it bites people booting off a USB stick with the .img file.

I will try another port (they are two in total) and I report back. In case of failure would it be meaningful to try a usb stick?

Bug #3165: Looping at boot time

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Hello to all

yesterday I downloaded the 5.4.1 version of DragonflyBSD. Never the less when I tried to boot the iso dvd image the system went to an endless loop (see attached picture) and I was unable to start the installer.

Any idea/feedback is more than welcome, since I would like to test my luck and try the transition from Debian Linux (testing) to DragonflyBSD.

Thank you all.

IMG_20181224_130348.jpg (3.12 MB)

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