[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #3057] HAMMER2 + new PFS + reboot

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Issue #3057 has been updated by yellowrabbit2010.

I will.

Now that you said that I remember that among other things the vicious sequence had the form:
hammer2 pfs-create USR-SRC
hammer2 pfs-create USR-OBJ
mount @USR-SRC /mnt/tmp-a
mount @USR-OBJ /mnt/tmp-b
cpdup /usr/src/ /mnt/tmp-a/
umount /mnt/tmp-a; umount /mnt/tmp-b
not `shutdown'

Bug #3057: HAMMER2 + new PFS + reboot

* Author: yellowrabbit2010
* Status: In Progress
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: dillon
* Category: 
* Target version: 
The situation is like this: I create PFS on mounted HAMMER2 (tryed with mounted LOCAL or ROOT),  copy several files there and turn off the machine by `shutdown -p now'.

Here is crash #4 (four because of previuos 0-3 are the same - I made about ten PFSes:) )

core.txt.4 (164 KB)

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