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Issue #3092 has been updated by liweitianux.

swildner wrote:
> I think once set, you first have to 'dumpon off' before being able to set it again.

True.  Once I "dumpon off", I can "dumpon" another device to make the change.  Thanks.

However, the current error message is unhelpful, which should be improved... And the dumpon(8) man page needs a note, something like:

Once the dump device is set, it must be first turned off using "dumpon off" before the new dump device can be set.

Maybe a new option can be added to take care of this.  In addition, the "dumpon off" seems a bit wired...  I think a symlink as "dumpoff" may be a good choice.


Bug #3092: dumpon: sysctl: kern.dumpdev: Device busy

* Author: liweitianux
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: 
* Category: Kernel
* Target version: 
Hello, I had the problem that "dumpon" couldn't let me change the dump device, which complained "Device busy", as shown below:

dfly# dumpon /dev/serno/WD-WCAS25235448.s1b
dumpon: sysctl: kern.dumpdev: Device busy

(I previously wrongly configured the "dumpdev" to be "/dev/mapper/swap", which is the mapped name of the dm-crypt'ed swap device.  Therefore I used "dumpon" to change the dump device the underlying swap device but failed, as shown here.)

In addition, I also did such a test within a virtual machine using DFly-5.0.  After partitioned the swap partition, I can "dumpon" to it successfully at the first time, but later it fails with "Device busy" error.  See also the attached screenshot.

I suspect this issue exists in the "setdumpdev()" function in "sys/kern/kern_shutdown.c".


dfly.dumpon.devicebusy.png (10.3 KB)

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