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Works after updating to master. Thanks!

Bug #3106: go from pkg install hanging when running tests

* Author: driusan
* Status: Closed
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: 
* Category: Vendor software
* Target version: Latest stable
I reinstalled Dragonfly 5.0.1 and after re-installing Go with "pkg install go" (which installed go version 1.9) and running "go test" now seems to randomly freeze blocking for IO. It worked reliably on this hardware previously to this reinstall (it was running HAMMER2 when it was working, now it's running HAMMER. I don't think that's relevant because as far as I know Go uses /tmp which is tmpfs for its tests anyways. Unfortunately, I can't recall what version of Go was on it..)

I tried compiling 1.9.2 from source to see if it's something that's been fixed but just hasn't made it to dports yet, but there's enough tests in the go compiler that whenever I try at least one of them freezes and after a few minutes fails dumping a stack trace like the following:

goroutine 53 [IO wait, 2 minutes]:
internal/poll.runtime_pollWait(0x800788f20, 0x72, 0x1)
        /home/driusan/go1.9.2/src/runtime/netpoll.go:173 +0x57
internal/poll.(*pollDesc).wait(0xc42040bb98, 0x72, 0xffffffffffffff01, 0x725b40, 0x7241e0)
        /home/driusan/go1.9.2/src/internal/poll/fd_poll_runtime.go:85 +0xae
internal/poll.(*pollDesc).waitRead(0xc42040bb98, 0xc4204b4201, 0x200, 0x200)
        /home/driusan/go1.9.2/src/internal/poll/fd_poll_runtime.go:90 +0x3d
internal/poll.(*FD).Read(0xc42040bb80, 0xc4204b4200, 0x200, 0x200, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
        /home/driusan/go1.9.2/src/internal/poll/fd_unix.go:126 +0x18a
os.(*File).read(0xc4203c4df0, 0xc4204b4200, 0x200, 0x200, 0x0, 0xc42047cde8, 0x4ce4cb)
        /home/driusan/go1.9.2/src/os/file_unix.go:216 +0x4e
os.(*File).Read(0xc4203c4df0, 0xc4204b4200, 0x200, 0x200, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0)
        /home/driusan/go1.9.2/src/os/file.go:103 +0x6d
bytes.(*Buffer).ReadFrom(0xc4200c4380, 0x725640, 0xc4203c4df0, 0x8007890c8, 0xc4200c4380, 0xc42047cf01)
        /home/driusan/go1.9.2/src/bytes/buffer.go:209 +0x177
io.copyBuffer(0x725400, 0xc4200c4380, 0x725640, 0xc4203c4df0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0xc4200d00f0, 0x0, 0x0)
        /home/driusan/go1.9.2/src/io/io.go:386 +0x2bb
io.Copy(0x725400, 0xc4200c4380, 0x725640, 0xc4203c4df0, 0x403663, 0xc4200aa000, 0xc42047cfb0)
        /home/driusan/go1.9.2/src/io/io.go:362 +0x68
os/exec.(*Cmd).writerDescriptor.func1(0xc4200aa000, 0xc42047cfb0)
        /home/driusan/go1.9.2/src/os/exec/exec.go:264 +0x4d
os/exec.(*Cmd).Start.func1(0xc4204f0580, 0xc42019d820)
        /home/driusan/go1.9.2/src/os/exec/exec.go:380 +0x27
created by os/exec.(*Cmd).Start
        /home/driusan/go1.9.2/src/os/exec/exec.go:379 +0x646
FAIL    go/internal/gcimporter  180.018s

Which test freezes and eventually dies isn't deterministic as far as I can tell, but a stack trace like that with an IO timing out is pretty consistent. (Other threads also panic with timeouts but I've only included one here..)

I'm not sure if this bug report belongs with DragonFly or Go (or what details would be useful to help reproduce it), but since it's a (relatively) clean install of DragonFly with a go version installed from pkg, I thought I'd start here..

stderr (7.43 KB)
ktrace.out.xz (619 KB)

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