[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #3032] (Resolved) IPFW3: memory leakage? objcache(xxx): Exhausted!

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Issue #3032 has been updated by liweitianux.

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There is a memory leakage bug with IPFW3 sync feature, which keeps consuming the mbuf, and finally causes this "objcache(xxx): Exhausted" issue.

The bug has been fixed by bycn82@ in commit 2032f72fa4bc9355fef4594376299c9aeb707530 on 2017-06-10.  I already did some tests and things are OK.

Generally speaking, the IPFW3 "sync" shouldn't be used (which is also useless) on a single isolated host.  But IPFW3 originally kept complaining that "ipfw3sync: centre not running", so I hacked to get rid of these annoying messages by "ipfw3 sync start centre".  Now, this complaining issue has also been fixed.

Bug #3032: IPFW3: memory leakage? objcache(xxx): Exhausted!

* Author: liweitianux
* Status: Resolved
* Priority: High
* Assignee: 
* Category: Networking
* Target version: 
Recently, I setup a small VPS (512MB RAM) with DFly(v4.8)+Nginx+Postfix+Dovecot services as my personal email server, and configured IPFW3 as the firewall.  However, the system hang/freeze with these warnings after some time, and can only be reset:

Warning, objcache(mbuf pkt hdr): Exhausted!
Warning, objcache(mbuf pkt hdr + cluster): Exhausted!

The VPS can run rather smoothly without IPFW3 enabled.  So I tried to monitor the mbuf usages reported by "netstat -m", and found the "mbufs in use" was continuously increasing, and therefore, the mbufs are exhausted finally which freeze the whole system!!


In addition, I tried to reproduce the IPFW3 problem in my home NAS (DFly master at 2017-02-24, 8GB RAM, Nginx+ownCloud+PostgreSQL+transmission bt), and the system just paniced with following messages:

stack pointer           = 0x10:0xffffff81db763720
frame pointer           = 0x10:0xffffff81db763770
code segment            = base 0x0, limit 0xfffff, type 0x1b
                        = DPL 0, pres 1, long 1, def32 0, gran 1
processor eflags        = interrupt enabled, resume, IOPL = 0
current process         = Idle
current thread          = pri 12
trap number             = 9
panic: general protection fault
cpuid = 2
Trace beginning at frame 0xffffff81db7634e8
panic() at panic+0x236 0xffffffff805e5d56
panic() at panic+0x236 0xffffffff805e5d56
trap_fatal() at trap_fatal+0x2c3 0xffffffff80a58203
trap() at trap+0x19a 0xffffffff80a58a8a
calltrap() at calltrap+0x9 0xffffffff80a4125f
--- trap 0000000000000009, rip = ffffffff84840dd4, rsp = ffffff81db763710, rbp = ffffff81db763770 ---
ipfw_sync_send_state() at ipfw_sync_send_state+0x54 0xffffffff84840dd4
check_keep_state() at check_keep_state+0x196 0xffffffff84821d76
boot() called on cpu#2
Uptime: 12d1h18m34s
Physical memory: 8113 MB
Dumping 3889 MB:Warning, objcache(cluster mbuf): Exhausted!

For unknown reason, I failed to get a core dump.  I set "debug.debugger_on_panic=0" and have a 16GB swap partition (dm_crypt).

An example "netstat -m" report looks like:
202336/293376 mbufs in use (current/max):
522/17248 mbuf clusters in use (current/max)
0/8368 mbuf jumbo clusters in use (current/max)
        202839 mbufs and mbuf clusters allocated to data
        19 mbufs and mbuf clusters allocated to packet headers
102212 Kbytes allocated to network (56% of mb_map in use)
0 requests for memory denied
0 requests for memory delayed
0 calls to protocol drain routines

With IPFW3 enabled, the above "mbufs in use" keeps increasing!  Flushing the firewall rules does not help either.
I also tried to *disable* the IPFW3 by setting "net.inet.ip.fw3.enable=1", and the mbuf usages *stop increase* (but don't decrease either).

Therefore, I suspect there may be *memory leakages* within IPFW3??

What's additional information can I provide to help solve this problem?


P.S., my IPFW3 rules (example output of "ipfw3 show"):
00010        0           0  allow via lo0
00100 14446903 15349529336  check-state
00200   168513   106435518  allow tcp from me out via em0 keep-state
00201  5853336  6205262652  allow udp from me out via em0 keep-state
00202        1          56  allow icmp from me out via em0 keep-state
00301        3         168  deny from in via em0
00303        0           0  deny from in via em0
00304        3         984  deny from in via em0
00305        1         328  deny from in via em0
00306        0           0  deny from in via em0
00307        0           0  deny from in via em0
00308        0           0  deny from in via em0
00310     2012      239927  allow icmp in via em0 keep-state
00315        0           0  deny tcp dst-port 113 in via em0
00320        0           0  deny tcp dst-port 137 in via em0
00321        0           0  deny tcp dst-port 138 in via em0
00322        0           0  deny tcp dst-port 139 in via em0
00323        0           0  deny tcp dst-port 81 in via em0
00332     7033     1814028  deny tcp established in via em0
00500       68       11257  allow tcp dst-port 8860 in via em0 keep-state
00510        0           0  allow tcp dst-port 80 in via em0 keep-state
00512        0           0  allow tcp dst-port 8800 in via em0 keep-state
00513     9281     3765242  allow tcp dst-port 8801 in via em0 keep-state
00700        0           0  allow tcp dst-port 22000 in via em0 keep-state
00701      737       86229  allow udp dst-port 21027 in via em0 keep-state
00800  8563201  9051221125  allow dst-port 51413 in via em0 keep-state
00801      515      263178  allow tcp from dst-port 9091 in via em0 keep-state
60000     1253      185397  deny in via em0
65535      414       59978  deny

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