[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2959] Duplicate packets on network interface running v4.6.1.1.g6e9a0-RELEASE

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Issue #2959 has been updated by stateless.

I see the same problem with ipv6 even with net.inet.ip.check_interface=1, any ideas?

Bug #2959: Duplicate packets on network interface running v4.6.1.1.g6e9a0-RELEASE

* Author: stateless
* Status: Closed
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: 
* Category: Networking
* Target version: 

I have an OpenBSD router and a DragonFly BSD machine.

The router configuration is as follows:

em1 is the first LAN interface.
em2 is the second LAN interface.
em7 is the span port.
bridge0 contains em1 and em7.

The DragonFly BSD machine is configured as follows:

bnx0 connects to em2 directly and uses DHCP to get an address.  This is how I communicate with the machine.
bnx1 connects to em7, the span port, and it is configured as -arp promisc up (no ip address on the interface).

Now I connect my laptop to em1 on my router.  I ping the DragonFly BSD box on the address that is assigned on bnx0.
Two ICMP echo requests arrive on the DragonFly BSD box, one on bnx0 and one on bnx1.  This is expected.
However, I also get _two_ ICMP echo replies back from bnx0.  This doesn't seem correct.

I tried Linux and OpenBSD in place of the DragonFly BSD box and they do not behave like this.  They send only one
ICMP echo reply.

Is anything I am missing?

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