[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2956] (New) py27-livestreamer-1.12.2 conflicts with py27-rainbowstream-1.3.5

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Fri Oct 7 16:07:11 PDT 2016

Issue #2956 has been reported by htse.

Bug #2956: py27-livestreamer-1.12.2 conflicts with py27-rainbowstream-1.3.5

* Author: htse
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: 
* Category: Userland
* Target version: 
py27-rainbowstream-1.3.5 depends on py27-requests-2.11.1(${PYTHON_PKGNAMEPREFIX}requests>=2.5.3:www/py-requests), while py27-livestreamer-1.12.2 uses py27-requests1: 1.2.3 (${PYTHON_PKGNAMEPREFIX}requests1>=0:www/py-requests1) This makes it so that you can only install either one or the other, both binary package or from ports.

changing py27-livestreamer-1.12.2 to use the same dependency as the rainbowstream package fixes this issue. Afterwards my limited testing works fine (I only use twitch.tv though) and all unit tests in the original source works. (tested by me by running 'python -m unittest discover' on '/usr/obj/dports/multimedia/livestreamer/livestreamer-1.12.2/' ) From what I can tell from skimming the source of livestreamer the requests module is only used for simple get calls.

fix for ports:

replace ${PYTHON_PKGNAMEPREFIX}requests1>=0:www/py-requests1 \
with    ${PYTHON_PKGNAMEPREFIX}requests>=2.5.3:www/py-requests \
in /usr/dports/multimedia/livestreamer/Makefile 

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