[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2934] kernel (4.7) panic at buildworld: assertion "gd->gd_spinlocks == 0" failed

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Mon Aug 8 01:02:50 PDT 2016

Issue #2934 has been updated by peeter.

Just to add that it does not seem to be a crash that can be easily reproduced. I rebooted and made buildworld/kernel with no problems. Prior to crash the machine had been mostly idle overnight (uptime ~13 hrs) running desktop and a few apps.

Bug #2934: kernel (4.7) panic at buildworld: assertion "gd->gd_spinlocks == 0" failed

* Author: peeter
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: dillon
* Category: Kernel
* Target version: 
Kernel (DragonFly v4.7.0.109.g609bcd-DEVELOPMENT) panics at "make buildworld". 

Panic String: assertion "gd->gd_spinlocks == 0" failed in dfly_schedulerclock at /usr/src/sys/kern/usched_dfly.c:757

kgdb output is attached.

kgdb.txt.1 (28.7 KB)

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