[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2799] Fatal trap 12 caused by moused(8) -p /dev/cual0

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Issue #2799 has been updated by opvalues.

Sorry if I was innaccurate in my initial report, I was going by memory. 
The DRAC (RemoteAccessConsole) mouse is apparently USB, but I was trying serial ports trying to find it.
/dev/cuaa0 and /dev/cuaa1 were no-op, /dev/cuaia0 caused the crash.
My system also has /dev/cuaia1, /dev/cuala0, /dev/cuala1, wasn't sure if they were verions of serial ports or other devices, and I saw no man pages, so I started to try them.

Bug #2799: Fatal trap 12 caused by moused(8) -p /dev/cual0

* Author: opvalues
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
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Using DragonFly 4.0.3 on a DillPwnradgex950, reading the man page for moused(8). Trying to figure out how DragonFly can access Dill's remote console mouse. The example for determining protocol of a serial mouse calls for
#moused -p /dev/cuaa0 -i type

since cuaa0 and cuaa1 are non responsive, I try cuala0, and trigger a fatal trap.
What can I do to be helpful with disarming this trap? Screenshot is attached.

DFly4.0.3moused.PNG (26.4 KB)

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