[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2863] HAMMER synch tid is zero

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Issue #2863 has been updated by tkusumi.

from a link in comment #4

ressurected# dd if=/dev/zero of=test.img bs=1m count=15000
15000+0 records in
15000+0 records out
15728640000 bytes transferred in 299.641029 secs (52491610 bytes/sec)
ressurected# vnconfig -c vn test.img
ressurected# disklabel64 -w -r /dev/vn4s0 auto
ressurected# disklabel64 -e /dev/vn4s0
ressurected# newfs_hammer -f -L TEST /dev/vn4s0a
Volume 0 DEVICE /dev/vn4s0a     size  14.65GB
initialize freemap volume 0
initializing the undo map (504 MB)
1 volume total size  14.65GB version 6
boot-area-size:       32.00MB
memory-log-size:      32.00MB
undo-buffer-size:    504.00MB
total-pre-allocated:   0.51GB
fsid:                44b3c7ea-9f56-11e5-a636-11feed02b918
NOTE: Please remember that you may have to manually set up a
cron(8) job to prune and reblock the filesystem regularly.
By default, the system automatically runs 'hammer cleanup'
on a nightly basis.  The periodic.conf(5) variable
'daily_clean_hammer_enable' can be unset to disable this.
Also see 'man hammer' and 'man HAMMER' for more information.
WARNING: HAMMER filesystems less than 50GB are not recommended!
You may have to run 'hammer prune-everything' and 'hammer reblock'
quite often, even if using a nohistory mount.
ressurected# mount /dev/vn4s0a /mnt/
ressurected# cd /mnt/
ressurected# touch it
ressurected# hammer snapq .
ressurected# touch seems
ressurected# hammer snapq .
ressurected# touch to\ be\ working
ressurected# hammer snapq .
ressurected# cd
ressurected# umount /mnt/
ressurected# mount /dev/vn4s0a /mnt/
ressurected# cd /mnt/
ressurected# hammer snapq .
ressurected# touch no\ it\ does\ not
ressurected# hammer snapq .
ressurected# hammer snapls .
Snapshots on .  PFS #0
Transaction ID          Timestamp               Note
0x0000000000000000      2015-12-10 19:17:09 MSK -
0x0000000100008020      2015-12-10 19:16:29 MSK -
0x0000000100008080      2015-12-10 19:16:35 MSK -
0x0000000100008120      2015-12-10 19:16:54 MSK -
0x0000000100010220      2015-12-10 19:17:23 MSK -

Bug #2863: HAMMER synch tid is zero

* Author: shamaz
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: 
* Category: 
* Target version: 
Hello. This appears on DragonFlyBSD 4.2 (and maybe newer) if you try the
following with HAMMER filesystem:

1) Create a new vnode device.
# dd if=/dev/zero of=test.img bs=1m count=15000
# vnconfig -c vn test.img
# disklabel64  -w -r vn4s0 auto
# disklabel64 -e vn4s0
Add a line like "a:      *      0     HAMMER"

2) Create a HAMMER filesystem:
newfs_hammer -f -L TEST /dev/vn4s0a

3) Mount it:
mount /dev/vn4s0a /mnt

4) Try to sync it:
hammer synctid /mnt

You will see zero sync tid (0x0000000000000000). If you try to set some
debug-related sysctls, it will get you no info at all when syncing. Also
hammer pfs-status /mnt will show that sync-end-tid does not increment in
time as it should. I am not sure if it happens with any non-root hammer FS,
or just with those based on vn pseudo disks.

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