[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2870] (New) Broken text and icons when glamor acceleration is used

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Issue #2870 has been reported by 375gnu.

Bug #2870: Broken text and icons when glamor acceleration is used

* Author: 375gnu
* Status: New
* Priority: High
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I'm using DF 4.4.1 with radeonkms, my videocard is radeon 7750. When I disable 2D acceleration in xorg.conf then output is correct, but when I enable it I see garbage, the more applications is run the more garbage I see, letters in gtk2/3 applications are broken, icons are black.

It depends on number of application started, i.e. when I use startx (twm + 3 xterm) and start 1 gtk application then it has only icons broken, qt applications are clean, but I use startxfce then everything is broken.

It does not matter what 3D (mesa) driver is used, radeonsi or llvmpipe.

Screenshot_2015-12-19_17-26-12.png (162 KB)
Screenshot_2015-12-19_17-32-27.png (81 KB)
Xorg.0.log.old (34.9 KB)

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