[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2407] openpam won't look for pkgsrc pam module path

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Mon Oct 6 18:27:09 PDT 2014

Issue #2407 has been updated by srussell.

I finally had time to upgrade my station to DF 3.8.2. PAM's behavior didn't change compared to DF 3.6.

PAM is working fine only when so modules installed or symlinked in /usr/lib/security, or referred from their complete path (ex: /usr/local/lib/pam_krb5.so). This is because the directory is hard linked in BSDs.



tuxillo wrote:
> Hi,
> I might not be entirely but I think we needed dynamic binaries in /bin and /sbin for PAM to work correctly on DragonFly BSD.
> It was recently done so I was wondering if one could have a working PAM setup in 3.8 RELEASE or latest master.
> Can you please retry it?
> Best regards,
> Antonio Huete

Bug #2407: openpam won't look for pkgsrc pam module path

* Author: srussell
* Status: Feedback
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: 
* Category: Userland
* Target version: 3.9.x
When I try to load pam modules that where installed from pkgsrc, they're installed in /usr/pkg/lib/security, which is not included in the openpam's search paths defined at compile time. I'm getting this error:

Aug 18 12:45:38 yyy login: in openpam_dynamic(): No such file or directory
Aug 18 12:45:38 yyy login: in openpam_load_module(): no pam_xxx.so found
Aug 18 12:45:38 yyy login: pam_start(): system error

The complete path is not specified in the default pam.d service files that comes with DragonFly.

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