[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2736] kernel panics on acpi_timer_probe function

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Issue #2736 has been updated by cnb.

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acpi.ko debug build 

Bug #2736: kernel panics  on acpi_timer_probe function

* Author: cnb
* Status: New
* Priority: High
* Assignee: 
* Category: ACPI
* Target version: 4.0.x
Booting with acpi module enable and hpet disabled in loader.conf results in a kernel panic, I'm unable to type anything in ddb as the the system is frozen
The hardware is a gobook vr-2  general dynamics itronix IX605  bios version 124. I'll update to bios version 125 and update the ticket if needed.

20141116_201206.jpg (3.46 MB)
20141118_114403.jpg (3.64 MB)
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