[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2733] i915 drm issue rendering xserver unusable

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Issue #2733 has been updated by masu.

The following commit introduces the drm error on my machine:

Bug #2733: i915 drm issue rendering xserver unusable

* Author: masu
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
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a firmware error of the wifi nic occurrs right after drm is started when starting xserver on my machine.
The nic is automatically reset afterwards and drm becomes initialized.

But then during the X session the nic error occurrs again resulting in an unsuccessful restart that causes also drm to fail which in effect leaves the X console unresponsive.
Strangely this effect appears when browsing the Internet and not when e.g., installing packages from remote locations that also generates network traffic over the wifi nic.

Does someone has a Lenovo X61 and experiences the same problems?

An excerpt from /var/log/messages is attached.


messages (26.1 KB)
xorg.conf (4.04 KB)

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