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Issue #2657 has been reported by ferney.

Bug #2657:  Needs acl to migrate our servers

* Author: ferney
* Status: New
* Priority: High
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Hi all, (sry:  my first post and i place in submit! sry i resend it )
im member of MATHRICE (http://www.mathrice.fr & http://math.cnrs.fr) a group of System manager in mathematics laboratory in  france. 
We have a lot of computers on 5 cities and would migrate our storage (data, VM disk... ) on 8 redondants DragonFly servers. 
But we have a lot of services of web hosting for our users and
 we use actually fACLs 
on nfs htdocs directory. 
So we have migrate a lot of services but we cant replace our linux servers
cause we need this functionality. 
I think that to make hammer an attractive actual file server, it 's a lack to not have fACLs
or a support of them on nfs share. 

Can you tell me if it could be a priority for you to incorporate this on Dragonfly 
or if we need to maintain 2 files nfs servers in // ? 
I think samba need it and it was great to have setfacl / getfacl and support of fACLs on nfs share. 

We have discuss this with f. Tigeot and he said me to write this first bugtrackers
Thanks a lot  (and sorry for my poor english ;-))

Damien Ferney for Mathrice Team 

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