[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #1586] (Closed) HAMMER: you can mount_hammer a UFS that was a hammer fs before

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Mon Jun 2 07:01:20 PDT 2014

Issue #1586 has been updated by tuxillo.

Category changed from Userland to VM subsystem
Status changed from Feedback to Closed

Could not be reproduced and no feedback was provided upon testing.

Bug #1586: HAMMER: you can mount_hammer a UFS that was a hammer fs before

* Author: lentferj
* Status: Closed
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: 
* Category: VM subsystem
* Target version: 3.8.0
If a partition contains a hammer fs and you newfs it to a UFS you can 
afterwards still mount it as hammer fs.
You can even still run hammer info and write data on the partition 
(tried with dd).

Redo the following:

atom# newfs_hammer -L pgsql /dev/ad11s2d
Volume 0 DEVICE /dev/ad11s2d    size 146.48GB
initialize freemap volume 0
1 volume total size 146.48GB version 2
boot-area-size:       64.00MB
memory-log-size:       0.50GB
undo-buffer-size:    152.00MB
total-pre-allocated: 168.00MB
fsid:                98d1b558-c09e-11de-81f0-0122685cfb53

NOTE: Please remember that you may have to manually set up a
cron(8) job to prune and reblock the filesystem regularly.
By default, the system automatically runs 'hammer cleanup'
on a nightly basis. The periodic.conf(5) variable
'daily_clean_hammer_enable' can be unset to disable this.
Also see 'man hammer' and 'man HAMMER' for more information.

atom# newfs /dev/ad11s2d
/dev/ad11s2d: media size 149993.15MB
Warning: Block size and bytes per inode restrict cylinders per group to 89.
Warning: 1748 sector(s) in last cylinder unallocated
/dev/ad11s2d:	307185964 sectors in 74997 cylinders of 1 tracks, 4096 sectors
	149993.1MB in 843 cyl groups (89 c/g, 178.00MB/g, 22528 i/g)
super-block backups (for fsck -b #) at:
  32, 364576, 729120, 1093664, 1458208, 1822752, 2187296, 2551840, 
2916384, 3280928, 3645472, 4010016, 4374560, 4739104, 5103648, 5468192, 
5832736, 6197280, [...]

atom# mount_hammer /dev/ad11s2d /mnt

atom# mount
ROOT on / (hammer, local)
devfs on /dev (devfs, local)
/dev/serno/9SF12T4Y.s2a on /boot (ufs, local)
/pfs/@@-1:00001 on /var (null, local)
/pfs/@@-1:00002 on /tmp (null, local)
/pfs/@@-1:00003 on /usr (null, local)
/pfs/@@-1:00004 on /home (null, local)
/pfs/@@-1:00005 on /usr/obj (null, local)
/pfs/@@-1:00006 on /var/crash (null, local)
/pfs/@@-1:00007 on /var/tmp (null, local)
procfs on /proc (procfs, local)
pgsql on /mnt (hammer, local)

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