[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2542] Kernel freezes for minutes at a time

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Issue #2542 has been updated by daniel.ramos.

Description updated

I was able to reproduce this (or a very similar) bug on a dual-core KVM VPS running DFly 3.4.3. Basically, it was impossible to complete a "make buildworld" due to long and frequent freezes (clock skew, no response to keyboard input or ping). My setup does not use HAMMER, and changing vm.read_shortcut_enable did not seem to make any difference.

Since updating to 3.5 master (by waiting out the freezes), the issue is resolved - I'm now able to make buildworld without any freezing whatsoever.

Bug #2542: Kernel freezes for minutes at a time

* Author: ftigeot
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
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* Target version: 
Running the new poudriere-devel 2.3_4 port makes the system freeze for minutes at a time after a while.

* This is not the case at first, poudriere has to run for at least one hour for this phenomenon to become visible
* Display is frozen in place, periodically refreshed widgets such as clocks stop moving
* Keyboard and mouse input is not processed but is handled after a few minutes when the system becomes operational again
* Launching big applications such as firefox is enough to make the system freeze
* "Warning: deep namecache recursion at (null)" messages are printed on the console

When the system becomes operational again, top(1) shows one cpu thread using 100% cpu (system time).

A core dump taken when the system is in this state will be made available.

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