[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2610] Hammer mirror copy causes extreme slowdown on new ssh connections

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Issue #2610 has been updated by t_dfbsd.

I should have said that the mirroring is occurring between two drives on the same machine, so it doesn't sound like the -b option would apply.  Does the setting of splitsize only affect the initialization phase of the mirroring?  The problem I'm seeing continues to occur well after the mirror has started.

Bug #2610: Hammer mirror copy causes extreme slowdown on new ssh connections

* Author: t_dfbsd
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I ssh into the machine to do a mirror copy or mirror stream from a master PFS on a SATA drive to a newly created slave PFS on a different SATA drive (both drives are encrypted).  During the mirror copy everything seems fine and the SSH session I'm in seems responsive enough.   CPU usage as reported by top doesn't exceed 40%.

If I try to make a new SSH session right after the mirror copy starts it works normally.  However, a few minutes after the mirror copy starts, any attempt to SSH takes a vey long time to connect.  It appears that other types of network connections, like SMB are similarly affected.  There is no activity on the box other than the mirror copy or stream.  If I kill that, then things return to normal.

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