[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2484] virtio hangs boot of i386 Ideapad with acpi disabled

David Shao via Redmine bugtracker-admin at leaf.dragonflybsd.org
Sat Jan 26 11:15:13 PST 2013

Issue #2484 has been updated by davshao.

File acer_725_0687_dmesg.txt added

I just encountered an almost identical bug on an Acer Aspire One 725-0687, an AMD C-70 APU machine.  This machine is x86_64, has acpi enabled.

Using master through:

commit 2e666a32c5a18f540aa2030ae803c3aa7e9c755a
Date:   Fri Jan 25 23:48:59 2013 +0100

    kernel/mfi: Sort commands by opcode.

and doing a full make buildworld and make buildkernel, the machine hangs at the same line as the Ideapad used to.  Once again the workaround is to compile a custom kernel with the virtio device lines commented out.

Attached is a dmesg for the machine.
Bug #2484: virtio hangs boot of i386 Ideapad with acpi disabled

Author: davshao
Status: New
Priority: Normal
Assignee: vsrinivas
Target version: 

For a Lenovo Ideapad netbook (i386) with acpi disabled using master commits through
commit 1d0de3d37b9efb6301b10515fd12d922c8602093
Date:   Tue Jan 8 19:21:35 2013 +0100

    kernel/vfs: Remove some unused variables.

boot hangs after devices:

md0: invalid primary partition table: no magic
Math emulator present
hptrr: RocketRAID 17xx/2xxx SATA controller driver v1.2
hpt27xx: RocketRAID 27xx controller driver v1.0 (Jan  9 2013 12:15:05)

and before

IOAPIC: rman cpu0 0 - 1
IOAPIC: rman cpu0 3 - 95
IOAPIC: rman cpu0 97 - 191
IOAPIC: rman cpu1 24 - 95
IOAPIC: rman cpu1 97 - 191
npx0: <math processor> [tentative] on motherboard
npx0: INT 16 interface

The boot problem was bisected to be after:

commit 42fdf81ee882d38808efe2772a68a9c4991a5f76
Date:   Sun Jan 6 20:01:27 2013 +0800

and before:

commit f31f6d84db329735c062a41c0f729843cd4d0b6f
Date:   Mon Jan 7 09:48:18 2013 +0100

    kernel/hammer: Remove unused variables and add __debugvar.

In addition a workaround is to disable kernel options for virtio for a custom kernel config:

# VirtIO support
# device		virtio		# VirtIO core
# device		virtio_blk	# VirtIO disk driver
# device		virtio_pci	# VirtIO transport over PCI bus

Attached is a dmesg for the booting configuration with acpi and virtio disabled.

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