[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2114] hammer volume-add causes panic

Raimundo Santos via Redmine bugtracker-admin at leaf.dragonflybsd.org
Sun May 6 14:56:19 PDT 2012

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Description updated

The same issue here, with 3.0.2 on an Phenon II X4 B65, amd64 version of dflybsd.

In my tests, the vinum worked very well (much more then freebsd gvinum, which not worked at all...) in three partitions as a raid5 - yes, with a performance issue, ofcourse. I have put a hammer over my raid5, which orked smootlhy. But the real part of the test: extend the hammerfs by adding some other partition. Do not worked, failed but not paniced the kernel. When trying the same with a whole disk, kernel panic:

An error occurred: 79
panic: hammer_io_set_modlist: duplicate entry
cpuid = 2
Trace beginning at frame 0xffffffe12278c3b8
?y?() at ?y?+0x1fb 0xffffffff8049a84d 
?y?() at ?y?+0x1fb 0xffffffff8049a84d 
A?3L?_(H??8() at A?3L?_(H??8+0x1ed 0xffffffff8067cc03 
??7@??tB@?? t<@??-t6I???pz?@???L???() at ??7@??tB@?? t<@??-t6I???pz?@???L???+0x6b 0xffffffff8067db07 
?????t$I??$h?() at ?????t$I??$h?+0x469 0xffffffff80673eae 
?I?D$H??-?I?D$8() at ?I?D$H??-?I?D$8+0xc42 0xffffffff8067f522 
>??7!() at >??7!+0x58 0xffffffff80697e97 
???() at ???+0x98 0xffffffff80517c04 
B??H?;???!() at B??H?;???!+0xfd 0xffffffff80514e59 
() at +0x46 0xffffffff804cb32e 
u?J?|W?E??A??C?D????t ???H????() at u?J?|W?E??A??C?D????t ???H????+0x493 0xffffffff804cb7e5 
() at +0x1c 0xffffffff804cb87e 
() at +0x370 0xffffffff8075aae1 
??$ ?() at ??$ ?+0xcb 0xffffffff8074446b 

yes, yes... I am a newbie in this things... but i have tried! :)
Bug #2114: hammer volume-add causes panic

Author: Matteo Cypriani
Status: New
Priority: Normal
Target version: 


I have troubles trying to add a volume to my HAMMER root filesystem on a fresh 
install (DragonFly 2.10.1 i386, on an AMD Athlon 2000+ with 512 MB RAM). Maybe 
I'm doing something wrong, but if so I don't see what. I created a new 
partition table on the hard drive (ad2) with a DF slice (ad2s1), and a hammer 
partition on it (ad2s1d). Then I just run hammer volume-add /dev/ad2s1d /, and 
it panics.

If I add the volume to /boot/loader.conf and /etc/fstab, after a reboot I can 
see it in hammer volume-list, but hammer info gives exactly the same results 
as with only the first volume. hammer volume-del fails (device busy), but I can 
safely remove the new volume from loader.conf and fstab (I also tried without 
running volume-del, same thing).

It is fully reproducible, with this hard drive and with another one (and if I 
remember well, I had the same problem when I played with HAMMER in a KVM 
virtual machine some times ago).
The session log below shows how I reproduced the problem (with the same first 
drive). It seems that something was initialised, because I had to erase the 
beginning of the partition to re-add the volume.

Please tell me if I made a mistake somewhere, and if not what I can do to help 
solving the bug. I attached the crash info and core files (I can provide the 
full core dump if needed).



16:38 root at vicious ~# fdisk ad2
******* Working on device /dev/ad2 *******
parameters extracted from device are:
cylinders=24696 heads=256 sectors/track=63 (16128 blks/cyl)

Figures below won't work with BIOS for partitions not in cyl 1
parameters to be used for BIOS calculations are:
cylinders=24696 heads=256 sectors/track=63 (16128 blks/cyl)

Media sector size is 512
Warning: BIOS sector numbering starts with sector 1
Information from DOS bootblock is:
The data for partition 1 is:
sysid 165,(DragonFly/FreeBSD/NetBSD/386BSD)
    start 63, size 398297025 (194480 Meg), flag 80 (active)
	beg: cyl 0/ head 1/ sector 1;
	end: cyl 1023/ head 255/ sector 63
The data for partition 2 is:
The data for partition 3 is:
The data for partition 4 is:
16:39 root at vicious ~# disklabel ad2s1
# /dev/ad2s1:
# Informational fields calculated from the above
# All byte equivalent offsets must be aligned
# boot space:    1044992 bytes
# data space:  199147483 blocks	# 194479.96 MB (203927023104 bytes)
# NOTE: If the partition data base looks odd it may be
#       physically aligned instead of slice-aligned
diskid: 076febcf-c669-11e0-bb09-01138f237da1
boot2 data base:      0x000000001000
partitions data base: 0x000000100200
partitions data stop: 0x002f7b0f7000
backup label:         0x002f7b0f7000
total size:           0x002f7b0f8200	# 194480.97 MB
alignment: 4096
display block size: 1024	# for partition display only

16 partitions:
#          size     offset    fstype   fsuuid
  d:  199147480          0    HAMMER	#  194479.961MB
  d-stor_uuid: 5191beaf-c67a-11e0-9d47-01138f237da1
16:40 root at vicious ~# hammer volume-add /dev/ad2s1d /
hammer volume-add ioctl: Inappropriate file type or format
16:41 root at vicious ~# dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ad2s1d bs=1M count=1
1+0 records in
1+0 records out
1048576 bytes transferred in 0.037720 secs (27798965 bytes/sec)
16:42 root at vicious ~# hammer volume-add /dev/ad2s1d /             

An error occurred: 79
panic: hammer_io_set_modlist: duplicate entry
Trace beginning at frame 0xcc2e37a0
panic(ffffffff,c07acd60,c06bfbbc,cc2e37d0,c1cadf30) at panic+0x101
panic(c06bfbbc,c1cadf30,0,c1cadf38,c9d69670) at panic+0x101
hammer_io_modify(cc2e3880,cc2e3814,c0533fbe,c1cadf38,1) at 
hammer_modify_volume(cc2e3a30,c1cadf30,c5b88094,4,cc2e3860) at 
hammer_ioc_volume_add(cc2e3a30,c9dd44e0,c97ca258,c1d9f950,c1d9f954) at 
hammer_ioctl(c9dd44e0,c4306811,c97ca258,1,c7d91ba8) at hammer_ioctl+0xf41
hammer_vop_ioctl(cc2e3a98,c0725d48,c1d80e00,cc1c7498,cc2e3ae8) at 
vop_ioctl(c1d80e00,c1db8538,c4306811,c97ca258,1) at vop_ioctl+0x75
vn_ioctl(c7dcf1e8,c4306811,c97ca258,c7d91ba8,cc2e3cf0) at vn_ioctl+0x106
fo_ioctl(c7d91ba8,cc2e3cf0,430,c7dc0000,c7dc0000) at fo_ioctl+0x3c
mapped_ioctl(3,c4306811,bfbff280,0,cc2e3cf0) at mapped_ioctl+0x4ae
sys_ioctl(cc2e3cf0,cc2e3d00,c,c9743158,cc2e3cf0) at sys_ioctl+0x2e
syscall2(cc2e3d40) at syscall2+0x232
Xint0x80_syscall() at Xint0x80_syscall+0x36
Stopped at   Debugger+0x3f: movb   $0,in_Debugger.4431

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