[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2280] starting X reboots the machine

Pierre Abbat via Redmine bugtracker-admin at leaf.dragonflybsd.org
Thu Jan 26 21:42:15 PST 2012

Issue #2280 has been updated by Pierre Abbat.

Priority changed from Normal to High

I am now running v3.1.0.52.g42a0e-DEVELOPMENT. Romick advised me to turn off DRI in xorg.conf if I'm running the Intel driver. I did, and I can log into X, but Kwin says that desktop effects are too slow and turns them off. I turned DRI back on and restarted X. The computer rebooted, then hung when it got to the X server. I booted in single-user mode, couldn't figure out how to edit without the terminal codes working, mounted -a, started sshd, and shelled in from my other box and turned DRI off again.

I am upping the priority because the bug is in both 2.13 and 3.1, so it's probably in 3.0 as well. It appeared between v2.11.0.681.g0eed2f-DEVELOPMENT and v2.13.0.957.g4f459-DEVELOPMENT
Bug #2280: starting X reboots the machine

Author: Pierre Abbat
Status: New
Priority: High
Target version: 

I built kernel and world from sources downloaded this morning with Git. I rebooted and, while attempting to start kdm, the box said "F1: DragonFly" and rebooted. I rebooted the previous kernel and X came up fine. I also tried startx on the new kernel without kdm; it still rebooted.

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