[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2268] Panic when loading BGP full route table IPv4 + IPv6

David BÉRARD via Redmine bugtracker-admin at leaf.dragonflybsd.org
Sun Jan 15 08:14:04 PST 2012

Issue #2268 has been updated by David BÃ?RARD.

Running @ 38c2eb266c21ce17c37c1b4b8d2a6bc8c73aa26c I get is panic message :
	rtrequest1_msghandler: rtrequest table error was cpu1, err 55

But this panic is not always reproducible (~1/2), sometime quagga can inject only
139245 (always this number returned by netstat -rn | wc -l)
routes, and I get (for example, after ping ) :
	arplookup failed: could not allocate llinfo
	arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo for rt

Best Regards,
Thanks for your work.
Bug #2268: Panic when loading BGP full route table IPv4 + IPv6

Author: David BÃ?RARD
Status: New
Priority: Normal
Target version: 


I'm using DragonFlyBSD to make border routers.
When loading routes on SMP systems ( 382492 routes, 375250 ipv4 + 7242 ipv6 ), 
the kernel panic.

The test machine is DragonFly v2.13.0.781.gfaddf-DEVELOPMENT (i386) and the routes are injected by Quagga 0.99.17.

The Backtrace is as follow :

(kgdb) backtrace
#0  _get_mycpu () at ./machine/thread.h:79
#1  md_dumpsys (di=0xc0ae6260) at /usr/src/sys/platform/pc32/i386/dump_machdep.c:264
#2  0xc0372a18 in dumpsys () at /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_shutdown.c:925
#3  0xc037302e in boot (howto=<optimized out>) at /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_shutdown.c:387
#4  0xc0373297 in panic (fmt=0xc06977f7 "from debugger") at /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_shutdown.c:831
#5  0xc018ac62 in db_panic (addr=-1067341502, have_addr=0, count=-1, modif=0xd71dcb70 "")
    at /usr/src/sys/ddb/db_command.c:445
#6  0xc018b32f in db_command (aux_cmd_tablep_end=0xc0721904, aux_cmd_tablep=0xc07218e8, 
    cmd_table=<optimized out>, last_cmdp=<optimized out>) at /usr/src/sys/ddb/db_command.c:401
#7  db_command_loop () at /usr/src/sys/ddb/db_command.c:467
#8  0xc018de8e in db_trap (type=3, code=0) at /usr/src/sys/ddb/db_trap.c:71
#9  0xc061acb5 in kdb_trap (type=3, code=0, regs=0xd71dcc90)
    at /usr/src/sys/platform/pc32/i386/db_interface.c:152
#10 0xc064475b in trap (frame=0xd71dcc90) at /usr/src/sys/platform/pc32/i386/trap.c:844
#11 0xc061c1a7 in calltrap () at /usr/src/sys/platform/pc32/i386/exception.s:787
#12 0xc061a942 in breakpoint () at ./cpu/cpufunc.h:72
#13 Debugger (msg=0xc06b0e43 "panic") at /usr/src/sys/platform/pc32/i386/db_interface.c:334
#14 0xc0373278 in panic (fmt=0xc06fbf44 "rtrequest1_msghandler: rtrequest table error was not on cpu #0")
    at /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_shutdown.c:822
#15 0xc0417bea in rtrequest1_msghandler (msg=0xd5d1fc74) at /usr/src/sys/net/route.c:809
#16 0xc041647c in rtable_service_loop (dummy=0x0) at /usr/src/sys/net/route.c:199
#17 0xc037d9ff in lwkt_deschedule_self (td=Cannot access memory at address 0x8
) at /usr/src/sys/kern/lwkt_thread.c:362
Backtrace stopped: previous frame inner to this frame (corrupt stack?)

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