[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #1954] installer creates /tmp/ as HAMMER pfs instead of tmpfs

Peter Avalos via Redmine bugtracker-admin at leaf.dragonflybsd.org
Sat Jan 21 11:05:52 PST 2012

Issue #1954 has been updated by Peter Avalos.

I think for new installations we should default to tmpfs, but maybe add some logic in there that detects low RAM/swap situations.  This could be similar to the way we handle HAMMER installs.  We don't want people to install a HAMMER fs if their disk is too small, which is comparable to the issue of having too little memory for tmpfs.
Bug #1954: installer creates /tmp/ as HAMMER pfs instead of tmpfs

Author: Peter Avalos
Status: Feedback
Priority: Low
Target version: 

Shouldn't we default to having /tmp/ as tmpfs instead of HAMMER?

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