[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #1728] (Closed) username bug in bugs.dfly.org sign-up form

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Thu Jan 19 17:06:40 PST 2012

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Closing as we have switched to a new tracker since.

Bug #1728: username bug in bugs.dfly.org sign-up form

Author: Kiril Mitev
Status: Closed
Priority: Normal
Target version: 

just noticed as i was signing up for the bugs system. i signed up with my full 
name (Kiril Mitev) and entered km66 into the "username" field. i received 
a "complete your registration" email, quote:

To complete your registration of the user "km66" with
DragonFly issue tracker, please visit the following URL:

could not login though. a password reset request later, it looks like the 
system took my first name from the full name as my login:

The password has been reset for username "kiril".
Your password is now: MJAXLm6G

(i changed the password of course, thus no censoring)

not a big deal of course, but if the system swaps in a username it prefers to 
use, please fix the emailer to report that username

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