[issue2181] contigmalloc_map() failure

Magliano Andrea (via DragonFly issue tracker) sinknull at leaf.dragonflybsd.org
Sun Nov 6 12:35:22 PST 2011

New submission from Magliano Andrea <masterblaster at tiscali.it>:

Somewhere between v2.13.0-39-gc3ec66..v2.13.0-204-gdf5ed code changes cause now
xorg radeon driver to fail memory allocation, falling back to sw operation; this
mean no dri and no Xv (guess how long windows scrolling takes with a full HD

>From dmesg:

contigmalloc_map: failed size 33554432 low=0 high=ffffffff align=4096 boundary=0

Happens everytime at system startup where no heavy memory load / fragmentation
should happen. Allocation size is 1/127 of low--high range (so not a terrific
one), flags are NOWAIT|ZERO.

kldunload radeon and drm (latter causes calling contigmalloc thru ioctl) doesn't

I'm running v2.13.0.207.gdae741-DEVELOPMENT x86_64

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status: unread
title: contigmalloc_map() failure

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