pflogd on x86_64

Fanch fanch at
Mon May 16 09:02:56 PDT 2011


Does anybody has a working pflogd on x86_64? Or is it only me?

 - /var/log/pflog created, but empty.
 - pflogd stuck in initialisation:
        # ps ax | grep pflogd
        11923 ??  SLMs     0:00.01 pflogd: [priv] (pflogd)
        11924 ??  SLM      0:00.00 pflogd: [initializing] (pflogd)
        11937  1  SLM+     0:00.00 grep pflogd
 - suspect debug messages:
        # pflogd -D
        [priv]: msg PRIV_OPEN_LOG received
        pflogd: send_fd: sendmsg(4): Invalid argument
        pflogd: send_fd: sendmsg: expected sent 1 got -1
The privileged pflogd seems unable to send its /var/log/pflog file 
to its children process, which is waiting.

Maybe it's not a x86_64 thing, I haven't tried on a 32 bits platform.



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