mirror-master 2.11 x86_64 packages points to i386 dir

Max Herrgard herrgard at gmail.com
Tue May 10 13:07:17 PDT 2011

Gives this message when pkg_radd'ing on a x86_64 master box:
pkg_add: Warning: package `ircII-20081115nb1' was built for a platform:
pkg_add: DragonFly/i386 2.11 (pkg) vs. DragonFly/x86_64 2.11 (this host)
pkg_add: 1 package addition failed

Temporary workaround is to use 2.10 packages:
> setenv BINPKG_SITES http://mirror-master.dragonflybsd.org/packages/x86_64/DragonFly-2.10/stable
> sudo -E pkg_radd ircII


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