[issue2025] CPU P-States not available to powerd(8)

Max Herrgard herrgard at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 01:07:36 PDT 2011

Sepherosa Ziehau wrote:
Grrr, you are running x86_64, try following patch:
Yey \o/

cpu0: only one P-State is supported
cpu0: min VID mismatch real 18, lim 6
cpu0: min FID mismatch real 2, lim 10
# sysctl hw.acpi.cpu
hw.acpi.cpu.cx_lowest: C1
hw.acpi.cpu.px_dom0.available: 1800 1000
hw.acpi.cpu.px_dom0.members: cpu0(1000)
hw.acpi.cpu.px_dom0.select: 1000
hw.acpi.cpu.px_global: 1800
powerd(8) works now :)


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