[DragonFlyBSD - Bug #2108] getcontext() is missing on DragonFly x86_64

Markus Pfeiffer via Redmine bugtracker-admin at leaf.dragonflybsd.org
Tue Dec 20 01:51:27 PST 2011

Issue #2108 has been updated by Markus Pfeiffer.

I dug up my seemingly working implementation of getcontext for x86_64 last weekend. The email to submit@ seems to have been lost.  Anyway, the patch is available at


or in my git repository a3cb33319377734976008e240fded1e69ea07272,

I tested it with w3m, which uses boehm-gc, but had some issues with vkernels that stopped me from testing the other programs mentioned here. Heres a patch, feedback is appreciated.
Bug #2108: getcontext() is missing on DragonFly x86_64

Author: Alex Hornung
Status: New
Priority: High
Target version: 

I'm seeing this when trying to build pkgsrc/net/powerdns-recursor.

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