[issue2123] hammer is losing files

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Mon Aug 29 18:20:56 PDT 2011

:I'm trying to use dragonflybsd as a backup server.  I'm rsyncing from
:multiple remote systems to a dragonfly master.  Running ls -la in one
:of the synced directories in a snapshot gives me "No such file or
:directory errors":
:| muni# pwd
:| muni# ls -la
:| ls: GMT: No such file or directory
:| ls: GMT+0: No such file or directory
:| ls: GMT-0: No such file or directory

    Where are you getting the transaction id (the @@ id) from?  Is it
    coming from an official snapshot softlink generated with one of
    the hammer snapshot commands?

    The fine-grained history can catch inodes and file data out of sync,
    but the official snapshots shouldn't.

    'hammer snapls <fs>' will list all official snapshots.  They should
    coinside with the snapshot softlinks placed in /var/hammer (by default).

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at backplane.com>

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