sftp on amd64

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Mon Oct 4 21:51:43 PDT 2010

:The tool sftp from dfly 2.6.3amd64 does a kernel dump when trying to =
:'ls' a remote sftp-server. The 32 bit version works fine.
:I attached the core dump to this mail.=20
:I am not sure if it is common to attach files to the mailing list, in =
:case it is not please tell me ;-)

    I wasn't able to reproduce it using master on 64-bit.  I do not have
    any 2.6.x boxes running 64-bit.  If it's reproducable on master we
    can definitely track it down and fix it.  If it is only on 2.6.x then
    it may be best to wait for the 2.8 release (which is ~2 weeks away


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