Strange HAMMER undo(1) behaviour

YONETANI Tomokazu qhwt.dfly at
Thu Oct 14 18:32:58 PDT 2010


On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 03:19:12PM +0200, Michael Neumann wrote:
> I am seeing strange things with undo(1) printing "Warning: fake
> transaction id ..." messages every now and then. Calling sync multiple
> times, or waiting long periods of time does not change anything.
> cd /hammer
> echo "abc" > test
> sync
> undo -i test
> Warning: fake transaction id 0x0000000100108220
> Warning: fake transaction id 0x0000000102034230

Can you cherry-pick 8a0bcd56eeb5773d4001ea9c0fd9c299542507d0 and
see if it fixes?


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