sysutils/hal doesnt work on master/i386

Antonio Huete Jimenez ahuete.devel at
Mon Mar 29 03:34:49 PDT 2010

2010/3/29  <elekktretterr at>:
> Couple of things to note: 1) everytime hald is run, the system creates a
> new md device (md0, md1, md2, md3 etc etc)
Hi Petr,

That's kinda a hack on the md(4) code. The latest md device will spawn
a new one on every open(2) call. Thus, an open() on md0 will spawn
md1, open() on md1 will spawn md2 etc...

I guess hald is issuing an open on every device, including the latest
md. So you could just disable it from the kernel config file and
recompile as a workaround.

Antonio Huete

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