Machine unresponsive with cache_lock: blocked on... message

elekktretterr at elekktretterr at
Sat Mar 20 16:51:42 PDT 2010

>     If that much is constantly swapped out (and swapcache isn't being
>     used) then the run-time footprint is larger then the 3G of ram the
>     32bit kernel can use.

What do you mean run-time footprint?

Memory: 967M Active, 1871M Inact, 527M Wired, 72M Cache, 199M Buf, 71M Free
Swap: 4096M Total, 816M Used, 3280M Free, 19% Inuse

I cannot figure out whats using so much active and inactive memory. It
only runs a not-so busy postgres database (although it does have rather
large 2-3gb dataset). However I do notice that everytime hammer cleanup
runs. ie after restart, the memory usage goes up all the way to swap.

It kind of seems like a lot of data is cached, but never freed. This box
has been up for about 2 months without a restart. The swap usage grew
during those two months from 0% to 20%, then decreased to current 19%.


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