Machine unresponsive with cache_lock: blocked on... message

Matthew Dillon dillon at
Thu Mar 4 16:11:27 PST 2010

:I just got a new crash.
:The system was running DragonFly v2.5.1.902.g333f4-DEVELOPMENT from the 25th.
:There were these messages on the console:
:Warning: pmap_interlock 00010003
:Warning: pmap_interlock 00010003
:No cache_lock stuff this time.

    It looks like a deadlock between the VM system and HAMMER due to
    kmalloc() blocking during a low memory situation.  Your system
    was paging heavily at the time and was low on free memory.

    I have committed a change to master which should fix this particular

					Matthew Dillon 
					<dillon at>

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