OpenSSH upgrade makes sshd crash upon login on x86_64

Sascha Wildner saw at
Tue Jan 12 19:39:53 PST 2010

The recent OpenSSH upgrade causes sshd to crash whenever I try to access 
an upgraded x86_64 box from the outside via ssh:

Jan 11 00:24:21 x64 kernel: seg-fault accessing address 0x590000 
rip=0x8009a7fdc pid=850 p_comm=sshd
Jan 11 00:24:21 x64 kernel: pid 850 (sshd), uid 22: exited on signal 11

I wasn't able to get a coredump out of it. My attempts to run sshd from 
gdb or to attach gdb to the runnign sshd and have it catch the signal 
also failed so far.

Changing from Protocol 2 to Protocol 1 in sshd_config works around the 
issue (thanks to Antonio Huete Jimenez for pointing this out) so I'm 
using this for now.

I don't have time to debug this myself, but I can test potential fixes.


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