[issue1521] amd64 2.4 livecd won't mount root at boot

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Mon Sep 21 08:47:01 PDT 2009

    I have put two test files up which fix the ACPI issue and *might*
    have a positive effect on cd/dvd detection.  Fixing ACPI also
    means that usb mass storage will probably work.


    MD5 (dfly-amd64-2.4.0B_REL.img.gz) = e9237967784da2f9af2b83162ed674ea
    MD5 (dfly-amd64-2.4.0B_REL.iso.gz) = b40f9ae247d0fad81b04917519b698df
    MD5 (dfly-amd64-2.4.0B_REL.img) = fcce93084b073e239961791b834b268e
    MD5 (dfly-amd64-2.4.0B_REL.iso) = a221a00678e27d0950c3fe40ca91642c

    Sorry, not a binary diff.  leaf is not on a fast network so it might
    take some time to download.

    These aren't official, just snapshots off of the release branch.


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